Handmade Natural Wood Beaded Hair Sticks. Unique Up Cycled Wooden Hair Accessories Woman


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Handmade with Love, Natural Wood Beaded Hair stick for Hair Buns.
Unique Up cycled, Vintage Beads, Middle Eastern Beads, Beads from around the world, Hair Jewellery, Wooden Hair Accessory for Woman and Girls.

One of a kind. Hand Carved Natural Wood Sticks . All Beads are treasures Ive Collected from my Travels, all beads have a love story behind them. Repurposed Beads, Sustainable, Natural, Eco Friendly.

Trades/Exchanges: Open to trading with other Artisans.

Bead Donations: If you have Natural Beads to Donate ( Vintage, antique, Natural Materials, Wood, Ceramic, Shells, crystals) I will In exchange for your donation, custom make you a Free Beaded Hair Stick with either the beads you provide or you can choose from the selection in the shop.

Custom Beaded Hair Sticks: Shoshanahavaya [!at] gmail.com

Feel free to get in touch with any questions at: Shoshanahavaya [!at] gmail.com

Thank you :)


The Bedouin or Bedu, are a grouping of Nomadic Arab people who have historically been Dwellers of the Desert. I had the spirit of one, on my 7 month pilgrimage in the Middle East.

I had a creative calling on my journeys. Wishing to find a simple trade while I traveled, something I would love to do with my heart, that would be light, and easy to travel with.

In one of my travels in South Sinai, the mystical waters and meditative heat of the desert was so purifying, opening me up, light like a child, playing in the water, nights of intense spiritual surrender to the heat. I sat in meditation, opening myself to receive creative guidance from within and source.

An inspiration came to me to work with beads. I had this favourite handmade wooden carved hair stick I wore each day in my hair. It had dangling moon and stars beads made of wood, which received so many compliments each day.
I wished to make more of them to share with others. The hairsticks felt perfectly aligned with my idea of freedom & travel. I could essentially travel with hundreds of them in a back pack, they were light, easy to ship and in tune with my wish to work with the nature elements in my arts.

I got acquainted with the Bedouin women of Sinai. So wise and connected to all the elements, nature, the spirits. Our souls connected. We sat on the beach together exchanging our beads, plant medicines, art skills, and wisdom with each other. It was a beautiful moment of sacred women connection.

My collection of recycled beads started to grow and I was feeling passionate in finding a local woodworker who could carve the wooden hair sticks to attach to the beaded Jewellery I was creating.

I was supposed to be in Sinai for only a few days to renew my visa, but ended up
staying for 2 weeks. My friends were all heading back to Israel, but i intuitively knew my soul still had more to learn and experience in Sinai. Much more than the beads and wood, there was ancestral connections and healing to revisit with the bedouins.

I headed towards Dahab in search for a wood worker. I found myself in Assala beach , living with the local bedouins. One of my Neighbours, Essom, turned out to be a wood worker sent from above. We developed a lovely connection and he was the soul who made the wooden hair sticks for the new collection. It was such a beautiful experience to see my dream unfold, creating art in total harmony , on the beach in Sinai.

A friend asked me upon my return from Sinai, why I was thinking to call the collection, Bedouin Beads.I explained the story and my friend responded “wow that sounds like a real love story. “ I paused for a moment, and felt my heart, yes indeed it was a love story!

And so the name came...Bedouin Beads.

Few months later, I returned to Sinai, and continued creating more of the bedouin bead collection along with sourcing out local middle eastern natural medicines and products to share in the Back To Eden Online Eco Shop.

Upcycled, Repurposed Beads

All the beads I work with have been collected on my travels, from exchanges with the Bedouin’s, locals, shuks, and some are treasures magically found! Everything is one of a kind and inspirations continuously changing with new beads as they come.

A big part of my love is collecting beads that are nature inspired. Sea shells, wood, crystals, stones, seeds, ceramics. Using the chakra rainbow colours and nature elements with healing and rejuvenation intentions. I plan to expand the collection very soon with a variety of beaded handmade products : Jewellery, Belts, and Nature Themed Decorations for the home temple.

Originally all the beads I collected from my travel where all mixed together from not having much time between each nomadic move. Eventually after 6 months I landed in a grounding home. I divided all the beads in to respective colour schemes. As I organized, and selected bead by bead , I spontaneously came to work with the energy of each colour. Naturally evolving in a healing art.

Thank you for your interest and patronage!

If you have any beads you would like to donate, In exchange I make a free beaded hair stick for you.

Feel free to reach out and send me an email if you have any questions or inquires at: Shoshanahavaya [!at] gmail.com

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