Sage - Longevity & Purification


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Sage - Longevity & Purification
Sage - Longevity & Purification
Sage - Longevity & Purification
Sage - Longevity & Purification
Sage - Longevity & Purification
Sage - Longevity & Purification

Salvia officinalis, Common Sage, Garden Sage, Dalmatian Sage, and Purple Sage

History and Folklore

The name Salvia derives from the Latin word Salveo, "to heal" or "to save" (more like, to salve, as in, apply a salve).

The Arabs, along with everyone from the Chinese to the Gypsies all believed that sage was the key to a long life. This is the same sage that in most modern households gathers dust for most of the year, only to be brought out in the fall to season the Thanksgiving dinner, usually used with too heavy a hand, explaining its unpopularity with cooks during the rest of the year. Sage is one those extraordinary, ordinary herbs whose longstanding and familiar use leads us to greatly underestimate it. The uses of sage outside of the kitchen range from the mundane to the mystical, from a cure to the psychoactive effects of Salvia divinorum and Salvia apiana in ceremonial and religious celebrations.

An old proverb says "why should a man die who has sage in his garden?". It was used in the Middle Ages to treat all kinds of maladies. In England, the tea drunk as a rejuvenating tonic. It was also believed to strengthen the memory. An old English custom states that eating Sage every day in May will grant immortality. It is said that where sage grows well in the garden, the wife rules and that sage will flourish or not depending on the success of the business of the household.…

The Romans regarded sage quite highly and much sacrifice and ceremony was associated with its harvest. They believed it stimulated the brain and memory and used it to clean their teeth.

The Dutch in the 17th century traded Sage for Tea with the Chinese.

Sage was used to darken grey hair from the gypsies. Sage also leaves the hair feeling soft and shiny, and the scalp invigorated. Sage does not stop at making you look younger, it can also help prevent those "senior moments" as well. Both clinical studies and traditional wisdom agree that sage (Salvia officinalis) or Spanish sage (S. lavandulifolia) has some positive effects concentration and memory. 


Longevity, Wisdom, Protection, Wishes

Sage is masculine in nature and associated the the element of air and the planet Jupiter.

Sage is sacred to the Greek Zeus and Roman Jupiter. It is also a symbol of the Virgin Mary.

White sage Salvia apiana is sacred in many Shamanic and Native American belief systems and is used in Smudging, and other, ceremonies to purify the body. This plant is difficult to grow in captivity and is largely wild-crafted, which threatens native populations. Garden sage is a suitable substitute. Indeed, most Salvia species can be used for smudging.

Sage is used in magical workings for immortality, longevity, wisdom, protection and the granting of wishes.

Sage is also believed to help alleviate sorrow of the death of a loved one.

To make a wish, write your wish on a sage leaf and sleep with it under your pillow for three days and then bury it.

Add sage to mojo bags to promote wisdom and to overcome grief.

Burn sage at funeral and remembrance ceremonies to help relieve the grief of the mourners.

Household Use

Sage Tea: Stimulates Naturally Body and Spirit Sage has antiseptic qualities and makes a good : gargle and Rejuvenation tonic when your feeling under the weather, boost of Focus & Concentration, Calm & Soothing to body and spirit. 

Smudge Stick: Protect and Cleanse, Clear Energy in your home 

Sage's attractive leaves hold their shape and fragrance well when dried and are an attractive addition to dried arrangements and potpourri.

Store dried sage in the same place as you store your potatoes to help them keep longer.

Culinary Use

Only Salvia officianalis is suitable for culinary use

Sage aids in the digestion of fatty foods and is therefore good for seasoning meats, especially pork. It's also famously useful for stuffing poultry. It is also awesome in various bean and pork dishes, like split pea soup and vegetarian bean dishes.

Sage blossoms are good in salads or floated on top of soups.

Pineapple sage is good in fruit drinks, salads and with ham.

Smudging Prayer

"May your hands be cleansed,
That they create beautiful things.
May your feet be cleansed,
That they might take you
Where you most need to be.
May your heart be cleansed,
That you might hear
Its message clearly
May your throat be cleansed,
That you might speak rightly
When words are needed.
May your eyes be cleansed,
That you might see the signs
And wonders of this world.
May this person and space be
Washed clean by the smoke of
These fragrant plants,
And may that same smoke
Carry our prayers, spiraling,
To the heavens."

by:Travis Bowman




Sage - Longevity & Purification
Sage - Longevity & Purification
Sage - Longevity & Purification
Sage - Longevity & Purification
Sage - Longevity & Purification
Sage - Longevity & Purification

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